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Should we wear a watch even after having a smartphone?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Why do people still wear watches? This question has hindered many young minds.

I personally love wearing watch but I noticed, it’s not same for everyone. Once, I asked some of my friends about their favourite watches & favourite brands, but out of all the answers one answer particularly stood out. He said and I quote “Why should I wear a watch? I have my mobile with me.” These words came from his mouth and directly attacked my heart. I was stunned and wondered how am I friends with this guy? (and here, I crossed the level of exaggeration. He is still a friend of mine). There are many more people like him, who tend to forget the qualities of a watch.

Smartphone is our generation’s true companion. And why not? It has everything a person needs but the growing rate of smartphone industry affected several other industries and one of them is the watch industry. Smartphone took a high toll on watches. People now prefer taking phones out of their pocket rather than just taking a look at the watch. So here I am with some points and reason proving that watches are still essential in this time.

1. Watches have History

Watches have a long history. From Sundial in 164 BCE to the first watch by Peter Heinlein in 1505, watches have a great and a definitive history. Imagine, there’s an alternate dimension where the watch has not been yet discovered. Would that world be the same as ours? Absolutely not. That world would be culturally and technologically different from our world. Read this detailed answer by Bob Summers on Quora to delve deeper into this topic. Some families keep the wrist watch as a tradition which is passed from generation to generation. For them watches are legacy and a gift of love.

In 1916, the New York Times published an article admitting that the wristwatch was more than just a passing fad and was, in fact, valuable and important. Overall, the watch has a very important role in history and in our lives. So, who are we to neglect the history?

2. They are great accessories

There is no doubt that watches enhance style. They are designed in a way to compliment your style. They add charisma to your personality. Generally, women have jewellery, bracelets and all other same stuff but we men don’t have that many options. We are the one who can spend an entire month just on 2 shirts. So, we need something as our very own accessory and that accessory is watch. They are like cherry on the cake to our personality. Everybody knows this and that’s why some of them wear a watch.

3. They provide convenience

Watches make our life simple. Sometimes, it becomes very challenging to constantly pick our phone from the pocket just to check the time. In fact, there are some places or situations where we just can’t use our mobile. In those situations, watches are our saviour. They come with no restriction. Be it a casual meeting or just a walk in the park, they will always be our companion.

Can you do something now? Just recall how many times you got unnecessarily distracted by phone when you picked it up just to view the time? Probably all the time. But that is not the case with the watch. You want to check the time, lift your face towards your wrist and peek into the watch. It’s that simple. Here, you got another reason to wear a watch.

4. They help us to make a good impression and increase our confidence

As discussed in point no.2, watches compliment your style and they can help you to make a good impression. See one of the key elements to increase confidence is to look good. You must have noticed that when we wear certain accessories (i.e. Glasses and watches), there’s some sort of self-confidence generated within us as when we look good, we feel good.

Look, people notice watch. There are many times I have asked people about their watch because it looked great on them. So, wearing watch helps you to get noticed and it certainly leaves a good impression.

5. They are multi-functional

With the advancement of technology, watches came a long way up. Now there is a wide range of watches in the market. See, watch and phone are buddies. So, when the phone got upgraded and became smart, the watch exclaimed “why not me? Please make me smart God”, because we want to do the exact same things as our friends. Humans listened the cry of watch and then a new market of watch opened. Smartwatch, fitness band, digital-analog watch, they truly became multi-functional. So, if you want to make your life easier with less distraction, try this new era of watches.

6. They make us time conscious

In this modern era, being on time is the most important thing. Everyone’s busy with their life and nobody likes to wait. You can’t be late for a job interview. Some people will argue that they can use the phone and still be on time for the interview. Okay it’s fine, but what will you do during examination? If you take your phone to the exams then your lost friend, the suspension letter, will be waiting for you after that (that’s the case in my college). So, in that case, you know, what to do? Wear a watch. Simple.

When we wear a watch, our mind unconsciously makes us look at watch. So, the time is always in front of our eyes and we start noticing time. This way, wearing a watch indirectly makes us time conscious.

See, I am not ranting about phones. Mobile phones are the one of the greatest inventions of all time. But what I am telling is there are certain restrictions with it and in those cases, watches can come in handy. We should not just detach watches from our life. They directly and indirectly play an important role in our life. So use your phone, wear your watch and then rock your world. ( I don't know why I wrote this line but whatever....😉😀)


Thank you for reading this article. If you want to buy watch and want some help selecting your next favorite watch, you can check out our other articles. I am sure they will help you to make a decision. If you have any query related to anything, you can email us by joining our email list (yes, you can reply to our email) or comment down below. Thanks.

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