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Cost-effective and affordable Wearable Hand Sanitizer: G-Band (Sanitizing Watch)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

You must have heard this line in Spider-Man movie series - "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility". But let me rephrase and change it a little bit "With Big Problems comes Big Solutions". I know this may not make any sense, but what I'm trying to say is no matter how big the problem is, there has to be a solution.

Today, that problem is a pandemic. It came and took away the lives of 700k+ people (worldwide). I can't even imagine this MANY people in one place and they DIED. Now, to be safe from this virus the only solution we know is to wear a mask and wash/sanitize our hands. But there are certain places where taking that bottle of sanitizer is just not possible, it doesn't come in handy. What if there was a device, which could keep us closer to that sanitizer and provide us peace of mind that we can also be safe. Wouldn't it be amazing? So, here comes the 'G-band', a wearable hand sanitizer which keeps it just a squeeze away.

A group of 5 students (Sarthak Baxi, Kartik Sheladiya, Sagar Thakker, Karan Patel and Jagrut Dave) from Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has come up with a wrist watch/band which can be used as sanitizer dispenser on the go. These 2010 batch alumni are founders and members of a GTU incubated startup known as 'Greenvolt Mobility' which works mainly for electric vehicles but during this pandemic, they thought of coming up with this idea of a wrist worn hand sanitizer.

So, What exactly is this G-Band?

These people realised that there were no sanitizer dispensing machine in the market which could be used on-the-go. Obviously, there are other sanitizer dispenser like foot operated dispenser, contactless dispenser, etc but they do not come in handy.

So, they designed this watch which dispenses sanitizer every time it is pressed. It offers a very convenient and easy way for people to maintain their hygiene. This watch has been made using thermoplastic elastomer, which stops the sanitizer to leak from the watch.

The straps are made from skin friendly material so, you can forget about itching and irritation on hands. The watch is light weight and stylish enough to get noticed. And yes, this is a unisex watch so, it perfectly suits everyone irrespective of their gender.

The CEO of Greenvolt Mobility, Sarthak Baxi claims that once filled with sanitizer, this watch could dispense it 15-20 times without any difficulties. This watch comes with a refillable bottle which can contain 3 refills which may lead up to 30ml sanitizer capacity and it only works with liquid sanitizer, not gel sanitizer.

But, How does it Work?

Here's a video from the official YouTube channel of Greenvolt Mobility where they have explained this in a very visual and informative way.

This band is a 100% made in India product and it also had been filed for Patent. But what about the price? Right? It is priced just at 299 Rupees and is available to buy on Amazon.

Checkout this G-Band here -

You can also buy this sanitizer band on the official website of Greenvolt Mobility -

So, if you tend to forget or you are just lazy to apply sanitizer then, checkout this watch. It is stylish enough to be on your wrist and you can wear it everyday. I know it will not show you the time, but it will keep you safe. It will make sanitizing hand fun & frequent.

Look, this is a tough time but it will soon pass away. Just don't loose hope. Take care of yourself and your family. Always wear mask when you need to go out and please, be healthy. Thanks for reading.



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