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MovBeans About Us

This website, MovBeans, was started in July 2020 and it was one of my first endeavours. In that year, it was solely focused on watches but then in 2021, it was expanded to include the entertainment section which is now further divided into movies, tv shows, games, music and zombies.

MovBeans, which was first known as Wahtchub, is culmination of two of my favourite things watches and entertainment.

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Wrist Watches

I personally love wearing watches and I am sure, you also do. But with literally thousands of watches in the market, it becomes so confusing to select a particular watch. So we, based on our personal opinions & preferences, and by reading over thousands of people’s reviews, try to bring you the best watches available in the market. No matter the price, the brand or the type, if you want a good durable watch and are having difficulties to find such watch, MovBeans is your place. Here, you’ll find articles, lists, wrist watch reviews, literally everything to help you buy the best wrist watch possible. You can also contact us and we will make sure to give you a list of best watches available in the market. We only suggest watches from authentic e-commerce sites, the sites we trust. We also have following interesting sections in our watch category:

1.    Watch Reviews
2.    Best Lists of Watches
3.    News about Watches
4.    Interesting information, facts and Q&A about watches.



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