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The 10 Best PUBLIC songs to listen if you want some electrifying music in your life

PUBLIC (@publictheband) has been making and producing music since a long time. Their first EP titled “Red” was released way back in 2012 and it perfectly combined pop-rock and energetic beats. Since then, the band is making some of the best exhilarating and impressive music but this trio rose to new heights when its song Make You Mine became a sensation on TikTok and gave PUBLIC a whole new audience, even I was one of them. People streamed Make You Mine countless of times but amid that, they somehow forgot to check the other remarkable songs of this band.

PUBLIC (@publictheband) members - (from left to right) - Ben Lapps, John Vaughn and Matthew Alvarado. The trio of PUBLIC the band.
The trio of PUBLIC (from left to right) - Ben Lapps, John Vaughn and Matthew Alvarado

I have pretty much listened to PUBLIC’s entire discography and I think it is one of those bands which does not have a song that is not worth listening to. From its big hits like “Make You Mine” or “Missing You Today” to its underrated ones, every track sound distinctively amazing. Moreover, the fusion of genres & creative techniques used in their songs are like honey to my ears. This band comprises 3 talented members – lead singer John Vaughn; bassist & background vocalist Matthew Alvarado; and drummer Ben Lapps. And no song of PUBLIC fails to perfectly utilize the talent of this trio.

So, to give that much needed appreciation to this underrated band and to help people discover some hidden gems, I’ve complied my personal favourite songs from PUBLIC in this article. I would not be including Make You Mine, and the cover songs from the band in this article and my focus would solely be on its EPs and singles.

10. Honeybee

I have listened to this track so many times that the moment I hear the word “Honeybee”, this song starts playing in my head. I sometimes even forget that there’s literally an insect called honey bee. Has this ever happened to you, or am I just a bit weird?

Anyway, Honeybee is probably the perfect song to get a feel of this band’s style. It has that signature pop-rock vibe to it, features an insane blend of guitar & drums, and has appealing beats & melody. It’s one of those songs whose verses excel more than its chorus and that’s what makes it such a banger.

9. On My Mind

The title really sums up this song pretty well, it will no doubt stay ON your MIND for a long time. And you know what else stays on your mind even after you try to move on? YOUR EX. And ‘On My Mind’ talks about the same thing. Our singer is done with his ex and is trying to keep her out of his thought but little does he know that she still has the power to captivate his mind.

The best part of this song? Easily, the pre-chorus & that ecstatic guitar riff. Plus, the clever use of instrumentals in this song is just the icing on the cake. I know that there were times when you wanted to send your ex a text message to let them know that you still think about them, but now, thanks to me, you never have to do that. You can now share this song with them and it will confess your true feelings. Just another advantage of reading articles on MovBeans, amirite?

8. My Love

I was instantly hooked on to this song, the moment I listened to it for the very first time. I am quite fond of songs with good bass & guitar riff combinations and these of My Love are just chef’s kiss. John has been a very versatile singer, and he really gets to showcase his vocals in this song. The pacing shift in his vocals during the bridge & outro is really impressive.

This is not your typical love song; it is basically about a guy trying to ask a lady to start a new life with him after she gets her heart broken in the previous relationship. So, with catchy yet repetitive chorus, incredible bass and the amazing vocals of John, PUBLIC is at its best in My Love.

7. Honey in the Summer

Summers are a good time, aren’t they? You get to enjoy your holidays, maybe even go to a beach, devour your favourite ice-creams and watch movies all day long. But sometimes, you need a piece of excellent music to get in that summer vibe, right?

With ‘Honey in the Summer’, PUBLIC dipped its toes into this summer music and man, did it turn out to be so great. This is the perfect song for your summer vibes, from instrumentals to the melody, it will make sure you are ready for a hot road trip in that warm weather. Even if you neglect the summer vibes, it still is a great track. Here, PUBLIC does some experiments in the harmonies & vocals, and it sounds so magnificent. So, if you want a summer song or a song to just jam with your friends, Honey in the Summer is a must-have in your playlist.

6. Pretty Face

Before ‘Make You Mine’, “Pretty Face” was PUBLIC’s most popular song. This was the song which introduced many people to this incredible band through their live shows. I mean, what’s not to love about this song? It’s a song filled with upbeat music, electrifying beats, peak talent showcase of Ben Lapps’ drumming, memorable melody and well-written lyrics.

What I like about this band the most is that it never takes the clichéd way of songwriting, and this is visibly evident in Pretty Face. The lyrics might present different meanings to different people and it is for you to decipher. Is it a sad song, a love song or a song about a girl who is wasting her feelings on the wrong guy? Listen to this song and find out.

5. Honest

Heartbreaks are tough but they can get less tough and a bit more enjoyable when your favourite band decides to make a song somewhat dedicated to heartbreak & jealousy. And you can imagine how escalated I was when I discovered ‘Honest’. Now, I don’t have to cry all night long and can instead just jam through this banger.

I have always admired PUBLIC for taking creative routes in their music and ‘Honest’ is the best example of that. The background beat features Matt’s insane beatboxing skills and add to that the drumming of Benn and vocals of John, and you get a song that will just purify your ears.

In an interview with Kings of A&R, PUBLIC describes this song better than I can. “This song is about struggling to come to terms with the realization that something that’s been craved for so long is now completely out of reach. The driving pressure of the bass-line and hi-hat, the dark, foreboding slide guitar, the haunting vocal melodies tinged with jealousy – all make up one last, desperate effort to bring back what’s already gone.”

4. Heartbeating

As you can notice from this list, PUBLIC likes to experiment with different sounds and tries to incorporate different things into its music. But the thing it excels the most is the upbeat-poppy songs. ‘Heartbeating’ is a true PUBLIC song, laid with their signature style. If you want to introduce this band to someone, this is the perfect song to recommend.

Packed with an upbeat melody, cheerful instrumentals, unclichéd lyrics and catchy chorus, Heartbeating is a song about that person in your life who has the ability to keep your heart beating with everything they do. Everything about this song is just perfect, it’s like that musical symphony where everything comes together in perfect unison to give you a sensational musical piece that will make your head bop every single time you listen to it.

3. Alonely

You will find most of the PUBLIC songs to be upbeat & poppy containing romantic themes. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a slow melancholy song. With Alonely, PUBLIC explored into this different territory of loneliness, heartbreak and remorse.

Alonely is unlike any other songs by this band. It features minimalistic production, lyrics filled with regret & remorse, and a melody so good that it compliments the overall song. This track basically describes the remorse of a man as he regrets messing up his relationship. He is now just “a lonely” ghost with no one by his side except his loneliness. The entire song is crafted using mostly C, G & F guitar chords in the background, and that’s exactly what was needed in this song. The production instantly hits you right in the feel and that makes Alonely such a beautiful song.

2. One That I Want

I have talked about the impressive instrumentals, melodies, vocals, beats and the creativity of PUBLIC songs throughout this article. And all those things apply to this song too, but the thing which makes this track even more special is its accompanying music video.

The music video of ‘One That I Want’ is one of the best MVs I have seen in a while. No, it doesn’t compromise some extraordinary concept or out-of-the-world visuals, it features a simple notion which embellishes the song in the best way possible. The MV has got an amazing dance sequence, a sweet concept laced with comedic moments and features the entire trio.

Even if you remove the music video aspect, ‘One That I Want’ is still one of PUBLIC’s best songs. The track combines pop & rock masterfully and that guitar riff after the bridge has the ability to directly cleanse your soul through your ears.

1. 4Her

Have you ever stumbled upon a single song which no matter how many times you listen to, it just never gets boring? 4Her is one such song for me, maybe it’s the relatability of the lyrics or the head bopping backgrounds but it easily showcases PUBLIC at its peak.

There’s an area in every relationship where the majority of us take the safe route, which involves hiding our feelings & not confessing it, and 4Her is about THAT area. It describes that frightening feeling of uncertainty where you are afraid to take the final leap, fearing the worst possible outcome, but how will you know if you never try?

Melody wise, the track is just exceptionally good. It starts with a laid-back vibe but then it starts to pace up with the chorus being this explosive piece of beauty that will amp you up as well as make you wonder if THAT’S really HER?


So, here we are at the end of this article. From my first time listening to PUBLIC, it has been one of my favourite bands. Not a single song by this band can be considered unpleasant or generic, every track has it own magic and will satisfy your musical needs. PUBLIC has just released an EP known as Three Hearts and when I say it succeeded my expectations, I really mean it. You can stream Three Hearts on Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music.

By the way, if you want a Spotify playlist of the songs mentioned here, then don’t worry, I got you. Just click on the link/text below:



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