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Fastrack Men's Casual Analog Watch - NJ3114PP01C Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan, Fastrack has come a long way up. Since then it is known for its stylish youth centric watches. But things change so does the Fastrack company. After becoming an independent urban youth brand in 2005, it has then delved into various essential niches like bag, belt, wallet, sunglasses, etc. This was an excellent marketing strategy which helped it to become the fastest growing brand under titan.

There are so many great Fastrack Men's watches online. But today we will talk about one such watch and that is - The Fastrack Casual Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NJ3114PP01C. It is one of the best Fastrack Men's watch you can buy online.

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You can buy this Fastrack watch here - Amazon

List of features of Fastrack Men's Analog Watch.

The Fastrack Casual Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NJ3114PP01C will satisfy every Fastrack lover. Even for the first time Fastrack user, it will not disappoint you. This Fastrack watch comes in black colour. The bold authentic black look will definitely suit your wardrobe. Weighed around just 110 grams, this watch boasts quartz movement and Arabic numerals with stick time markers placed on the edge of round dial, which collectively makes time viewing precise and easy.

1. Looks and Physical Specification

Nowadays watch is not just about time, it’s also about style. So, in terms of Looks this watch sports a while colour dial with a round-shaped case. The glass material is made of acrylic, which after sometimes may develop some scratches. It has a silicon band which is strong and smooth to hand. Some users reported that the dial’s grey colour can fade at the edges after using it for some months. It has buckle clasp closure and is simple to operate. Overall, the watch has a bold look and it can suit both formal and casual attire but with minor flaws like scratches and colour fading.

2. Build Quality of this Fastrack Casual Watch

The build quality is nice and strong. The case is made of plastic and can withstand some falls. It has water resistant up to 30 metre which is good for everyday use. But if you are someone who likes to take a watch in shower and for swimming and diving (so to not feel alone? JK 😉), then this watch can’t withstand that amount of water pressure. The size of dial is medium, but it can be a little big for some users. The watch weighs around 110 grams, which makes it very light weight.

Fastrack watch images
Fastrack Men's Analog Watch and its packaging case

3. Warranty and Lifetime of this Fastrack stylish watch

The Fastrack and Titan companies are known for their product’s longevity. Users of this watch have reported that this watch has a long lifetime. This watch comes with Fastrack’s stylish packaging, which is assured when you buy a Fastrack watch. Talking about the WARRANTY, this watch offers 24 months warranty on the Movement and 12 months warranty on the Battery from the date of purchase. So even if you have some problems, the warranty center will sort it out.

You can buy this Fastrack watch here - Amazon

Final Conclusion

Overall this is a great watch from Fastrack. There are 2 sides of a coin, on one side this watch excels in look, build quality, longevity and many other reasons mentioned above. But, on the other side it has some minor flaws like color fading, scratches, not complete waterproof. If you are someone who prefers casual or formal attires with some addition of bold look, then this watch can be the best you can give to yourself.

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