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HONNE's latest album ‘LET'S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’ knows exactly what it’s supposed to be, and it sticks to that. The album’s theme and vibes are consistently maintained with each and every song. So, in this article I have ranked all the songs from this album.

By Aashish Pradhan

1 January 2024

Updated on:

Ranking all songs from HONNE's Latest Album "LET'S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" 2021. This article also contains honne's new album review. HONNE consist of 2 member James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck. Here, they are holding the album cover.

It was April 2020, if I’m not wrong, and there was this virtual concert on Songkick YouTube channel. I went there to see Bruno Mars specifically, but the moment I opened that live stream I witnessed HONNE performing Day 1. Look, I’m a sucker for good new music, so when I heard Day 1 for the first time, I knew this song is going to stay with me for a long time. Then instantly, I opened Spotify and jammed to 4 songs of HONNE: Day 1, Location Unknown, Me & You and Crying Over You. I love discovering new artists and I’m glad I encountered HONNE that day.

HONNE's music has been a breath of fresh air. The electronic beats, pop soul vibe and synthpop production of their songs struck me so hard that I finished listening to most of the songs in just a matter of days. In fact, HONNE’s second studio album “Love Me / Love Me Not” is one of my personal favourites and it is filled with some impressive songs like I Might; I Got You; Feels So Good; Crying Over You (I just love the entire album). Now, it’s been nearly 25+ months since that event and HONNE still manages to amaze with me every new song.

2021 was a year filled with new albums. Many great musical artists/bands like Coldplay, Maroon 5, Kanye West, Jeremy Zucker, and many more have released their album that year but sadly they didn’t turn out to be as good as I expected them to be.

So, hoping for an album which I can replay as many times as I want and still wouldn’t get bored with it, I was eagerly waiting for two of my most anticipated albums of 2021: An Evening with Silk Sonic and HONNE’s LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? And I’m so glad to say that neither of these albums disappointed. Both of them differ greatly from each other but still manage to please their respective audience.

LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? is an album which knows exactly what it’s supposed to be, and it sticks to that. The album’s theme and vibes are consistently maintained with each and every song. It also features a lot of other artists and they are given an equal opportunity to shine. Let it be Griff, NIKI, Sofia Valdes, Pink Sweat$ or Khalid, HONNE knows how to utilize each one of them perfectly.

This new album from HONNE was released on 22 October, 2021 and the sole reason this article is so late is because I wanted to give some time to this album. I wanted to see which song really stays with me and after countless of listening sessions I can say that this album has grown on me. The 5 singles, HONNE released before the album were undoubtedly very good, but the other songs impressed me too.

So, in this article, I’ve tried to rank all 11 songs of HONNE’s latest album LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? after listening to it for over 2 months. And you don’t even have an idea how difficult it was to rank all these songs. These rankings are solely based upon my opinions and my likeness; and obviously, it can vary for you. I’ve ranked these songs based on their re-listening values (songs which I would listen to again and again), lyrics and overall vibe/feels of the song.

So, I hope you’re smiling ‘cause your smile can really brighten someone’s night and with that smile let’s discuss and rank all the songs from HONNE’s latest album.



The sophomore song of this album and number one in my list is this wonderful “long-distance” song called Coming Home (featuring NIKI). This song was inspired by a long-distance relationship Andy had with his wife, when he and James were in LA for a month and thanks to that, we got an amazing song.

Coming Home leaves no stone unturned to feel like a song about long-distance relationship. The lyrics convey the emotion very well, even the first verse alone sets up the whole vibe of this song and it stays the same throughout the entire length. The chorus really feels passionate and the production and beats in this song are immaculate. COMING HOME was released on August 27, 2021 and it’s been a long time, but still I can’t get over this song. Even the music video which accompanies this song is visually so good.

Favourite Lines:

I've been thinking lately how much I miss you

I haven't touched your face in weeks

I've been thinking how much I'd like to kiss you

And the freckles on your cheeks



BACK ON TOP (feat. Griff)

In BACK ON TOP, Andy starts singing the chorus right off the bat and due to that, the catchy chorus gets stuck in the head just after listening to it the first time. This song features Griff, who had already collaborated with HONNE on a track called “1,000,000 X Better” and it was a very good song. So, you already know their chemistry is going to be incredible in BACK ON TOP and it indeed was. The vocals of Andy and Griff complement each other so well in this song.

I just adore this song because When I tryna think of all its negatives, I can’t think of one. Then I go and line up all its benefits and they stretch around the sun (I’m sorry, I HAD to do this. I just love this line). But on a serious note, the song was released as the last single of the album and its an excellent song. It has got some incredible lyrics, a catchy chorus and phenomenal bridge. What else do you want from a song?

I love the small details HONNE puts in its songs, in this case, the “HARMONY” part in Griff’s verse. There’s a line which goes like “And all the birds sing in harmony” and when Griff reaches to the word Harmony, there’s this superposition of sounds a.k.a the harmony effect. In the song “Feels So Good”, HONNE did a similar thing when Anna of the North had to sing “‘Cause you always finish my sentence”, she stops right after ‘finish my’ and then Andy joins in to complete her sentence in a literal way by singing the word ‘sentence’.

Favourite Lines:

I've been tryna think of all your negatives

But I can't think of one

Then I'll go and line up all your benefits

And they stretch around the sun



NOW I’M ALONE (feat. Sofía Valdés)

Two of the reasons I love this track are its lyrics and concept. The song is about a couple and the consequences of cheating on a relationship. She catches him cheating on her, so Sofia’s verse basically blames him and confesses her feelings. She tells that she still misses him and hopes that he treats this new girl better than he treated her. The song then shifts its perspective to that of the guy’s. He confesses that he is ashamed of his action and hopes he can re-do things and fix this mess.

The song tries to capture two points of views and boy, does that work wonderfully. Specifically, the outro where both Sofia and Andy have their 3 lines and through these few lines, the song gives a satisfying ending to this little story, and that’s what makes this song so good. Also, James and his production were at peak in this song. So yeah, this song is another banger from HONNE.

Favourite Lines:

Good decisions and me do not mix

And now I've made a mess I cannot fix

'Cause I wish I made you feel like a god

And wish we could go back for good

I must admit I miss you a lot




Finally, the song with the word “cumulonimbus”. When HONNE first revealed that the lyrics of DANCING ON A CLOUD contain this word, I honestly didn’t know its meaning. But in the context of the song, cumulonimbus makes perfect sense, the word is not there just for the sake of it.

Okay, now less about the word and more about the song. With consistent production and simple endearing lyrics, the song does feel uplifting. I found myself constantly getting back to the pre-chorus because of how simple and catchy it is. The song has a bit of melodic production but still poppy enough to make you jam and sway while playing it. So, DANCING ON A CLOUD is yet another victory for HONNE and finally those geography lessons paid off for someone.

Context – HONNE remembered the word “cumulonimbus” from studying geography in school.

Favourite Lyrics:

Let me take you through the moment

When I worked out you’re the one

I was feeling hopeless

But, then you hit me like a home run




Sometimes, in a relationship, it is important to confront and talk with your partner to get through the problems and this right here is the basis of the song “TALK TO ME”. Honestly, after listening to this song for the first time, I wasn’t a big fan of it, but since then it has become one of my favourites from this album, I still keep singing it inside my head. So, you might want to give it few listens and it will become your favourite too.

You might have already guessed this till now that I love me a good catchy chorus and TALK TO ME does that for me. It started to grow on me mainly because the chorus is simple yet effective and the synths are just incredible. HONNE has mastered their production, and this song is the proof of that. They know how to handle a song well enough to make it more appealing and not let it feel like an over-produced one.

Favourite Lines:

Talk to me, talk to me

Lay down all your guns for me, guns for me

We both know we don’t need to be like this

‘Cause I don’t wanna end a night, on another stupid fight




Not every song needs to rely on heavy productions and high notes to infatuate you and EASY ON ME is the best example from this album. The production is done using guitar, piano and electronic beats and the lyrics as usual are sweet & romantic. In fact, this has been one of my favourite songs since I’ve started listening to the album. The melody is sublime, with a satisfying and catchy chorus.

But I still can’t get my head around the reason as to why is this song labelled “explicit” on Spotify? Not even one line of the lyrics contains any strong language. Never mind, EASY ON ME shows the soul-pop side of HONNE, which is obviously one of their strengths.

Favourite Lines:

Whеn the tide is turning and you need somebody

Whenever you’re hurting I’ll be there

Nothing’s gonna stop me and if you save me thru and thru

I would do the same for you



WHAT WOULD YOU DO? (feat. Pink Sweat$)

The titular track of the album, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? asks a simple question, if the world were to end in a week, what all things will you do? It was the first track to be released from the album and the album derives its name from one of the song’s lines. It still baffles me why did HONNE choose IDGAF ABOUT PAIN as the first track instead of this song.

In their Reddit AMA, I asked HONNE about the reason they went with such a long name, to which they replied they wanted to go for a name which provokes a question and the song does the same. HONNE wants you to focus on love if the world ends in a week. Confess your feelings before it’s too late and have no regrets whatsoever.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? leans more towards the pop side compared to other songs and this works in the favour of this song. The only problem I have with this song is its theme. It does a good job sticking with the album’s vibe, but I wanted it to explore more places rather than just focusing on love. But nevertheless, it’s still a solid song with an impressive feature from Pink Sweat$ and an incredible guitar solo.

Favourite Lines:

They say a smile can really brighten your night

We’re stuck on this rock together, rocking for life

This music jamming, I’m just here for the vibe

I’m gonna tell someone I love them tonight




Probably the most HONNE song of the album, HEARTSONG recaptures their signature soul-pop vibe. The song starts very melodically and slow, but the time the hook hits, it shifts to a faster tempo with repeating drum beats and the final result sounds incredible.

HEARTSONG is the perfect departure from an album about love and relationship. It carries the torch passed by the other songs and maintains the theme while making up a beautiful conclusion. A right person is all you need to resolve your problems and fill your life with love as they can “make your heart sing and your lungs breathe.” HONNE ends their album with a perfect message and even a better song.

Favourite Lines:

I’m a butterfly in the wind

I’m just going with it

Until you let me in

I am up in the air





It was a lovely bright day and some bloke from MovBeans recommended this album saying “Oh it’s a very wholesome and uplifting album, you should listen to it with your wife” and the first track we listened to was filled with unlimited fu*ks". I know some of you are going to comment something like this.

One of the three “explicit” labelled songs from the album, IDGAF ABOUT PAIN is the only song which will come close to feature Andy’s Rap. No, he isn’t actually rapping, but the verse is a bit fast-paced, which is really the heart of this song. The instrumentals in this song go hard, I can play the background beats all day in full volume and still won’t get bored. This was one of the early singles of this album and I used to love this song. It’s a bit lower on the list just because I found better songs in the album. Still, it’s a good start to the album which lyrically sets the tone for the rest of the songs.

Favourite Lines:

Relationships are funny things

Two people pulling strings

Do you know the joy they bring? I do

They're all about the give-and-take

There's heartfelt, then heartbreak

Yeah, either way, your heart rate goes up




Many people have termed this album as a wholesome album but this song, I’M THE LUCKY ONE is the wholesomest out of the all. I mean, this song starts with a few lines from Andy’s wedding speech and it just keeps going better and better.

One of the album’s laid-back songs, I’M THE LUCKY ONE is the perfect song to dedicate to your partner, to show them how lucky you’re to have them in your life. It is a calm, relaxing song and gets inside your head easily, you can hum it any time you want. The production, on the other hand, is just chef’s kiss. I can already see people slow dancing to this song on their wedding/anniversary.

Favourite Lines:

There must be someone out there who's looking out for me

It's like you were tailor made and we were meant to be

Yeah, you gave me the words that I sing everything

You gave me the skip in my step the moment we met

As you would have already guessed, unfortunately my least favourite song from the album is “THREE STRIKES (feat. Khalid)”. This is a top 10 list so, I wasn’t able to add this song to the main list. But I know many people who love this track and this is the sign of a good album, different people love different songs. I still go back to this song, but not as much as the other ones.

So, HONNE’s latest album “LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” is an incredible album about love which will remind you of that special person in your life. Short albums with 10-12 songs have always infatuated me as the probability of finding a bad song becomes less and the same thing happens here. There isn’t any song which you might consider not worth listening to, but there will be preferences and this article showed mine. I’m still a fan of songs with lower rankings like IDGAF ABOUT PAIN and I’M THE LUCKY ONE.

If HONNE keeps on making such music, the future seems bright for this duo. I can’t wait to see what Andy and James have up in their sleeves for next. Andy just became a father, so we can expect some songs about fatherhood, just like Ed Sheeran did it for his latest album, Equal. I also hope HONNE keeps making more music like “I Might”, “Shrink”, “306” and “One at a Time Please” which would focus on other aspects instead of love and relationship.

So, ‘Tis the season to be merry and spread love! Have the love of your life beside you and listen to this album for a great evening. Thank you for reading this article and, have a very Happy & Prosperous Holidays.

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